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Granny Syl Iced Tea (6 Bottles)


Granny Syl Iced Tea (12 Bottles)


Win a Refreshing Surprise for Your Next Family BBQ - Granny Syl's Flavored Iced Tea!

Do you have a family gathering, reunion, or BBQ coming up? Let's make it extra special with Granny Syl's Flavored Iced Tea! We are offering 4 cases of our refreshing iced tea to one fortunate winner, ensuring their next family event is unforgettable.

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Granny Syl

Welcome to the world of Granny Syl's Flavored Iced Tea – where community, flavor, and love are steeped into every batch. Born in a small town in Texas, Granny Syl's journey with tea began when she moved to Southern California in her early teens. Her passion for brewing tea evolved from her love for entertaining family and friends, whipping up irresistible Southern dishes paired with a uniquely delicious iced tea that always left everyone craving more.

Granny Syl's iced tea is no ordinary beverage. It's a blend of the finest quality black leaf tea and a secret mix of 'Goodness', creating a taste that stands unparalleled. The original 'Lemon' flavor, featuring the freshest Southern Californian lemons, has been a family favorite for almost 75 years.

After decades of insistence from family and friends, Granny Syl decided to share her treasured tea with the world. She hopes that her tea will evoke the same joy and camaraderie in your families as it has in hers, fostering connections and shared memories over a glass of chilled, flavorful iced tea.

Granny Syl continues to innovate and expand her line, with future plans to introduce a diet variant, additional flavors, and exciting 'Spiked' and 'THC-infused' versions. Through all these developments, her commitment to community remains steadfast.

Recently turning 90, Granny Syl celebrated surrounded by her loving family and friends, enjoying a grand cookout accompanied by, you guessed it, her signature flavored iced tea. With her journey only beginning in the commercial sphere, she’s determined to help families reconnect and savor each other's company.

Assisted by her sons, daughters, and grandchildren, Granny Syl is excited to brew more than just tea; she's brewing love, memories, and togetherness. Connect and follow Granny Syl on all our social media platforms to stay updated on our journey, or reach out to us through our contact page. Welcome to the family, and here's to many glasses of Granny Syl's Flavored Iced Tea!"

Granny Syl’s Flavored Iced Tea: A Refreshing Sip of Tradition

Granny Syl's Flavored Iced Tea isn't just a refreshing beverage; it's a timeless tradition served chilled. Every sip is a fusion of the finest quality black leaf tea and a secret mix of 'Goodness' – a testament to decades of perfecting the brew. Infused with Southern Californian lemons, this tea isn't merely quenching your thirst; it's inviting you to partake in a legacy, connecting families, and sparking conversations. With every gulp, prepare to be transported to sunlit family gatherings, buzzing with laughter, love, and the unforgettable taste of Granny Syl's. This isn't just iced tea, it's the essence of home, community, and nostalgia, bottled up and ready to serve!